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Four Strategies to Make your Football Team Strong

Written By: MMAdmin - May• 22•12

Special teams are not merely a key to a football team’s success. A good kick return can equal great field position

Here are the things to keep in mind when it’s time to build a strong special-teams unit:.

Find Great Players

Great special teams begin with great special-teams players. These players often distinguish themselves in practice. They are the ones who leave their feet in order to make a play. They are the ones that other less-energetic players often complain about as being over zealous. They love contact. They chase every play.

Find Time in Practice

The more prominent special teams play, the more an opponent must take up valuable practice time to counteract it. In an effort to maximize special-teams performance, I will incorporate special-teams preparation with conditioning. In this manner, special teams can be practiced each and every day.

Rather than have players run a high repetition of laps (where many linemen tend to be less than enthusiastic or energetic), a coach could run a high number of kickoffs, kickoff returns, punts, and punt returns. Your players get in shape, and the time is spent more productively killing two birds with one stone.

Outwork Your Opponent

Many teams are lax in their devotion to the kicking game and special-teams play in general. This despite a contemporary trend recognizing the valuable contribution special teams can make to a game, often even breaking open or deciding a close game. Without surprise, those teams willing to spend valuable practice time devoted to special teams are the very ones who most often benefit from it.

Smell Weakness

When a team is trailing by two points and declines to attempt a 40-yard field goal–opting instead to go for a fourth-and-eight situation from an opponent’s 23-yard line–the message is clear. The kicking game is inadequate. There is a chink in the armor.

A team so uncommitted to the basic Can I drink alcohol in a limo? Atlanta necessities such as a simple field goal is likely to be deficient in other special-teams areas as well. It is against just such a team that I will feel confident to try my highly practiced and prepared special plays. In other words, such a scenario is ideal for going for the fake kick or blocked-kick attempt. The reasoning is simple: If my opponent has prepared so little for their own field-goal team, how much have they prepared for my multi-threat special teams play? I like my chances.

Tips that Could Help you Lose Weight

Written By: MMAdmin - May• 13•12

How to Lose Weight

How to Earn Money Online for Free

Written By: MMAdmin - May• 13•12

There are a variety of ways of make money on the web for free. Paid forum posting, writing articles, and referral bonuses are only a few of them. You should never pay a fee to work from home. There are numerous legitimate companies which allow you to make more money online for free. Customarily if there is a fee involved it is fraudulent. There can be some info regarding each of the legitimate work from home methods below to get you started making money online right away.
Submitting Articles – There are lots of internet sites that will pay you to write articles online. Others pay off you based on the number of views, some pay you a percentage of income from ad clicks, others pay you for the time you put into writing articles. How much you earn depends on your writing abilities, the amount of time invested, and the earning potential of the website for which you are writing. It is difficult to give a per rate, but earnings generally range from nothing to $50.00 per hour.

Paid Forum Posting – Paid forum posting does not have the earning potential that article writing does, but if you enjoy posting in forums you can earn extra cash easily. Paid posting ranges from less than a penny a post to .35 cents per forum post. There are forums that pay every user a small amount to post. Here are a few forums that pay users a small posting incentive:

Surveys – There are many online survey companies such as Cash Crate and Inbox Dollars. I personally do not feel these are worth the time and the amount of spam that they create in your mail folder. I have heard that people do earn money, but I am certain there are other methods that create a lot less risk for your computer and the payout is minimal.

Data Entry – There are legitimate data entry companies online if your typing speed or data entry speed is exceptional. These positions are taken quickly and are difficult to find. However, some of the best known companies for employee work at home data entry operators with little or no formal experience are:
*Mountain West Processing
*Executive Secretarie


Fitness Tips and Tools

Written By: MMAdmin - May• 13•12

You can do a lot with your mind and a computer, but a healthy and honed body will get you even more out of life (if only more of it). Here are our favorite tips and tools for staying in shape.

Stick with Push Ups for Overall Fitness

How can something as old-school as a push up—hands on the ground, knees off the floor, and push—still be in use, and even be growing in acceptance? Because it works out your whole body, it’s better on your back than crunches, and you can use your raw push up count as a graduated curve toward fitness, as with the Hundred Push Ups program. Some things about getting in shape never get tired.

Trade Static Stretching for Dynamic Warm-Ups

Forget what your gym teacher told you—touching your toes, bending at the waist, and other exercises that stretch your muscles don’t help much, if at all, according to a study of thousands of runners of all ages. Instead, try gradually moving up from a fast walk to a run, swinging your arms and legs a bit, and other dynamic stretches before you head out.

Create the Ultimate Workout Playlist

Creating the right soundtrack for your run, bike, or other exercise is part art, part science. You can read up what the New York Times’ interview experts have to say, but you can also use some tools and techniques to pick out the right pace. Having great, high-energy music won’t make you a marathon runner, but it can keep you moving toward the finish line with determination.

Stay Fit Despite the Summer Heat

Even if you’re motivated enough to actually get out the door when it’s hot out, you might not be doing your body any favors by treating a scorcher like any other day.

Golf Swing Tips

Written By: MMAdmin - Apr• 23•12

Tips To Healthy Eating

Written By: MMAdmin - Apr• 20•12

Experts agree the key to healthy eating is the time-tested advice of balance, variety and moderation. In short, that means eating a wide variety of foods without getting too many calories or too much of any one nutrient.

Eat a variety of nutrient-rich foods. You need more than 40 different nutrients for good health, and no single food supplies them all. Your daily food selection should include bread and other whole-grain products; fruits; vegetables; dairy products; and meat, poultry, fish and other protein foods. How much you should eat depends on your calorie needs.

Enjoy plenty of whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Surveys show most Americans don’t eat enough of these foods. Do you eat 6-11 servings from the bread, rice, cereal and pasta group, 3 of which should be whole grains? Do you eat 2-4 servings of fruit and 3-5 servings of vegetables?

Eat moderate portions. If you keep portion sizes reasonable, it’s easier to eat the foods you want and stay healthy. Did you know the recommended serving of cooked meat is 3 ounces, similar in size to a deck of playing cards? A medium piece of fruit is 1 serving and a cup of pasta equals 2 servings. A pint of ice cream contains 4 servings.

Maintain a healthy weight. The weight that’s right for you depends on many factors including your sex, height, age and heredity. Excess body fat increases your chances for high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, some types of cancer and other illnesses. But being too thin can increase your risk for osteoporosis, menstrual irregularities and other health problems. If you’re constantly losing and regaining weight, a registered dietitian can help you develop sensible eating habits for successful weight management.

Eat regular meals. Skipping meals can lead to out-of-control hunger, often resulting in overeating. When you’re very hungry, it’s also tempting to forget about good nutrition. Snacking between meals can help curb hunger, but don’t eat so much that your snack becomes an entire meal.

Reduce, don’t eliminate certain foods. Most people eat for pleasure as well as nutrition. If your favorite foods are high in fat, salt or sugar, the key is moderating how much of these foods you eat and how often you eat them.
Identify major sources of these ingredients in your diet and make changes, if necessary. Adults who eat high-fat meats or whole-milk dairy products at every meal are probably eating too much fat.

Balance your food choices over time. Not every food has to be “perfect.” When eating a food high in fat, salt or sugar, select other foods that are low in these ingredients. If you miss out on any food group one day, make up for it the next. Your food choices over several days should fit together into a healthy pattern.

Remember, foods are not good or bad. Select foods based on your total eating patterns, not whether any individual food is “good” or “bad.” Don’t feel guilty if you love foods such as apple pie, potato chips, candy bars or ice cream. Eat them in moderation, and choose other foods to provide the balance and variety that are vital to good health.

Tips on How to Start a Business

Written By: MMAdmin - Mar• 10•12

You have a great idea and are ready to begin building your business, but how do you know where to start? What are the first steps that you should take? Below are a few tips to get you started in the right direction.

Have a Plan & Work That Plan

The first step toward starting a business is to have a plan in place. Most successful businesses take the time to make sure they have a blueprint to success, a plan. When you have a blueprint and a direction to go, you will be so much more successful. There are many free resources across the Internet that can aid you in structuring and thinking through the writing of your business plan. Once you get the plan in place, follow it!

A wise business owner knows that they can’t do it alone. Even if you have a small budget to begin with, you can enlist the help of a virtual assistant or possibly volunteers or mentors. Get more on board who have experience that can help you in your business.

Know Your Audience (and why they would be interested in your products or services)

Who are you trying to reach? Who needs your product or information? Take the time to domarket research and list out who you are selling to and where you can find them – both online and offline. This will help you both when creating the product/service and in your marketing efforts. Also, make sure you keep in touch with your audience and find out how they feel. You can easily create surveys and find out valuable information about what they really think.

Be Clear On Your Rates

You must be clear not only with potential clients, but you must know for yourself what you need to earn. Be brutally honest with yourself about how much you need to earn to keep your business afloat. Now set realistic goals and figure out how to make that happen. Remember in setting your rates that often times you are selling the value of your services or products, and not necessarily the service or product itself.

You Gotta Want It

Someone asked me once why I thought some entrepreneurs succeeded while others, just as talented, failed. My answer? Those that succeeded wanted it bad enough to do whatever it took to make it happen. Running a business isn’t easy, especially in the beginning. There will be long hours, tough critics and disappointments that can’t be prepared for. The entrepreneur who works through the tough times is the one who succeeds in the end.

Don’t wait until you “have it all together” to take that first step – it will never happen. If you have a great idea and have done enough planning to know where you’re headed, go for it. Be prepared to learn some lessons. Be prepared to make changes along the way. But, if you never take the first step you’ll never know the joy of the journey

How to Make Yourself Happier

Written By: MMAdmin - Feb• 17•12

Our Steps to create Yourself Happier

1. “Force yourself to smile and you’ll soon stop frowning.”

Try this exercise.

A. Smile

B. Don’t smile

C. Smile

D. Don’t smile

E. Smile

F. Don’t smile

G. Repeat the higher than till you’re cheerful.

Do this exercise whenever you’re frowning, upset, depressed, angry, apathetic or resentful.

Try the exercise in front of a mirror for an additional boost.

2. “Force yourself to laugh and you’ll soon notice one thing to laugh concerning.”

This exercise is beneficial after you are feeling stressed or too serious.

A. Force fun.

B. If this is often tough for you to try and do, say, “ha ha ha ha ha.” Then say, “ho, ho, ho, ho, ho.” Then say, “he, he, he, he, he.”

C. Repeat the higher than till you discover one thing to laugh concerning.

3. “Wax enthusiastic and you’ll terribly thuson feel so.”

When you feel enthusiasm for a tough task, you create higher selections, get additional exhausted less time and turn out a higher result.

A. Write down a task you’re avoiding or hate to try and do.

B. raise yourself, “What concerning this task is interesting?” Write down the solution.

C. raise yourself, “What might I be somewhat excited concerning relating to this task?” Write down the solution.

D. raise yourself, “What might I be obsessed with relating to this task?” Write down the solution.

E. Repeat steps B, C and D till you are feeling obsessed with doing the task.

You might be stunned at how quickly this works.

4. “The greatest joy there’s in life is making.”

What are your greatest joys in life?

Being a parent? beginning a company? Finding new customers? Forming new relationships?

Notice how every activity creates something?

A. Write down 3 stuff you will produce nowadays.

B. Do them.

C. Notice if your day is additional joyful.

The happiest people, families and teams are those who produce things.

The most exciting goals you’ll have involve making one thing.

In fact, all of your success is your creation.

Goals and Happiness

Written By: MMAdmin - Jan• 17•12

“Happiness can be outlined because the emotion of progress toward fascinating goals. there’s a moment of contemplation of the last goal during which one is content. however contentment becomes boredom immediately that new goals don’t return to look at. there’s no a lot of sad factor than a person who has accomplished all his ends in life.” — L. Ron Hubbard

Examine how 3 facts, from this definition of happiness, create happiness return and go in your life.

1. “There is a moment of contemplation of the last goal during which one is content.”

Think of goals you’ve got reached within the past. bear in mind how you felt on your wedding day or after you graduated from faculty or a coaching course? In every case, you achieved a goal!

Remember those times after you were content with life? perhaps after you started a business or landed an excellent job? after you paid off your debts?

At each purpose in your life after you felt content or happy, you’ll be able to most likely notice you were either creating progress toward a goal or had reached a goal

2. “But contentment becomes boredom immediately that new goals don’t return to look at.”

Without a replacement goal, you get bored. Boredom results in stress and misery. for instance, coming up with a vacation is exciting. however toward the tip of a vacation many of us are bored to tears as they not have a goal.

Arguments throughout honeymoons are common if the newlyweds don’t set goals for his or her wedding.

Planning your retirement and therefore the initial day of retirement may be a thrill. however the enjoyment of freedom quickly turns to boredom and early death if you are doing not work on new goals.

“There isn’t any a lot of sad factor than a person who has accomplished all his ends in life.”

Think of a time you were terribly bored. Had you completed a serious goal while not beginning a replacement one? cross-check alternative times you were bored. Examine your goals, or lack of goals, at those times.

3. “Happiness can be outlined because the emotion of progress toward fascinating goals.”

We can use this definition to know unhappiness additionally. When were you last unhappy?

In every case, you most likely 1) had no goal, 2) were making an attempt to achieve an undesirable goal, or 3) you were creating no progress toward a goal.

Using the definition of happiness makes happiness simple to attain. merely selected fascinating goals and create progress toward them!

How to Solve Money Problems

Written By: MMAdmin - Dec• 15•11

How to Solve cash issues
How does one solve cash problems?

1. Stop spending

2. Worry

3. Blame somebody or one thing

4. Give up

5. Go any into debt

6. Sell a possession

7. Become depressed

8. Complain

9. Cheat or steal

10. Hope somebody can simply offer you the cash you would like

Of course, none of those solutions assist you gain more cash.

However, this answer is effective.

“I answer cash issues with many cash, not with worry or disappointment or impractical hope.” — L. Ron Hubbard

You solve your cash issues by creating cash. No different approach could be a answer. An abundance of cash is your solely answer.


1. make out what quantity cash you would like. Write the whole at the highest of a page. as an example, “I ought to earn $10,000 per month.”

2. List all of your assets. embrace all of your possessions, your skills, your information, your contacts and your passions. These are some or all of the ingredients to your final success, therefore build the list as complete as potential.

Examples: you’ve got a truck, a camera, an empty bedroom and $11,225 cash. you’re smart at organizing, listening, learning, speaking and creating individuals feel necessary. you recognize all concerning horses, word processors, furniture building, the State of Texas, net auctions and using e-mail. you recognize Jennifer, Robert, Tim, Ruth, Steve, Dave, etc. you’ve got a passion to assist others, build model airplanes, solve complicated issues, learn new things and a lot of.

3. Dream up each method you’ll be able to use your assets to create cash. build a listing. recent ways, new ways, any combination of assets that turn out income.

Examples: Use your empty bedroom to start out atiny low business selling cameras, furniture and jewellery for others at net auctions. find out how to arrange tax returns. facilitate your boss build deliveries along with your truck.

4. choose a way that’s proven. will this methodology already build cash for somebody else?

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